QR Voice Sticker

The Application Use's Guide


This manual applies to version 1.0 of the application. It will be updated as new information or features becomes available, or in response to demand from our readers and users. We kindly encourage you to follow us on Facebook, where we publish the latest news about our projects

Supported devices

The application is prepared for installation on mobile devices running iOS operating system (version 7.0 or later), such as iPhones and iPad tablets.You can install it directly from App Store. The general concept of tne application is described later in this manual.

Getting started

Before you begin, you must obtain stickers. They are available at stationery stores in sheets of A4 size, divided into many separate, pre-cut stickers. There is a variety of formats, differing in the number and size of stickers on a sheet. It is optimal to use sheets divided into 60 pieces: 10 rows with 6 stickers in each. Remember! The shet must contain pre-cut stickers. Don't buy a whole sheet of sticking foil. You'll need to cut it into pieces, which is troublesome.

Have you got a sticker sheet? Print your codes on them!

Download QR codes

We prepared an interactive form for you, that creates a PDF file containing QR codes. You may adjust the size and layout of stickers to fit your actual sheet. After you have downloaded the PDF file, you simply print it out from your computer or mobile device. Don't worry, that the codes will repeat, they are unique. So you may generate and print them in any amount.

If you cannot accept the terms of use of the generator, or can't or don't want to print it yourself, we can post stickers to you on request (PL only).

Print the stickers

Insert a sheet of stickers into the printer and print downloaded file on it. The stickers are ready to use.

Attach the stikers

You can easily detach a sticker from the sheet ant put it on any object, you want to mark. It is not necessary to align the label horizontally. The application finds it even whet placed upside down or rotated.

Record a note

After starting the application, aim the camera towards the sticker. If the sticker is new, unknown to the app, you'll hear a sound similar to one announcing wrong answer in a TV quiz. Tap the screen twice and after a sound speak out a voice note to be recorded. Double-tap again to stop recording. (Warning, when VoiceOver doesn't work, the single finger, long touch starts and stops voice note recording).
From now, every time you point a camera at the scicker, your device will replay the note, yo've stored at once.

Change a note

If you change your mind or find a note improper, you may record it again. Do it exactly the same way as before! You can even reuse the stickers.

Using text description

You can also type text note instead of voice one or assign both of then. The text field is dedicated for it. It is possible to edit it in a regular way. Text description is read back automatically when there is no assigned voice note to the sticker. Automatically, means at once, without any tapping and flicking around the screen!

Removing notes

When the particular sticker is on-hand, You can use "delete" button. The last recognized sticker's data is deleted from device memory.
Othervise, You have to use another method.

You can remove old, unused notes in application's settings, "Notes management" menu. An old note is one, which has not been played for a certain time. The time may be set for temporary and persistent notes independently. The minimum time for automatic removal of persistent notes is half a year, for temporary - one month.

Persistency of notes

The voice notes may belong to one of two categories: persistent or temporary. You must choose the category before recording the note, by pressing a button marked with an asterisk. Filled asterisk means persistent note, while empty one - temporary. The category is essential during removal of old notes. When "Voice Over" finction is on, the actual category is spoken by teh device.

Revision history

The version 1.0 of the application was released on January 8th, 2016. Follow us on Facebook, where we present information about our projects.